There are two ways to setup SMTP in WordPress. Here are a few ways to get help with your WordPress theme. You still have plenty of avenues to get help from a real human. If you’ve followed this complete guide and are still struggling with your WordPress theme, don’t worry! If you are not a developer and feel like you’re a technophobe, this is going to be the route you want to take, to make life simpler on yourself.

  • Disable Footer Credits or Edit Footer Credit and add your personalized footer
  • Step 2 – Browse to find the installable Wordpess theme .zip file on your computer and unzip it
  • Remove Category URL
  • ACF fields
  • Sucuri Firewall
  • Navigate to Tools -> Better Search Replace
  • Make sure it’s easy to say and repeat – You want people to remember you
  • Outdent: Moves indented the text to the left one preset level with each click

These services will often help you make a certain number of tweaks per month. Most theme developers offer basic support but don’t have the resources to help you add advanced functionality that goes beyond the scope of the theme. While most developers don’t offer personal support for free themes, wordpress speed optimization if you purchased a premium theme then you should have access to dedicated support from the theme’s developer.

A whole slew of spam comments packed into one blog post that don’t offer anything relevant to the topic can damage your site. Now, you’re ready to get out there and start creating some awesome content for your WordPress site! These plugins will help you make CPTs in the admin-area of your site by just filling out a form.

Just like before, none of the CSS changes that you make will apply to your live site until you click the Save & Publish button. Clicking on that Updates link will take you to an interface where you can automatically update your WordPress theme. The massive advantage of this method is that, like other changes, you can preview how your CSS changes will affect your site in real-time.

After that, click Preview and Activate to activate your brand spankin’ new child theme. If that doesn’t turn up anything, the free Childify Me plugin can automatically create a child theme for you. Once you install and activate the Childify Me plugin, access the WordPress Customizer by going to Appearance → Customize.